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Partnering with Apotheco

At Apotheco, our goal is to improve access to dermatological medications to patients everywhere. We give our customers a clear path to get the treatment they prescribe into their patients’ hands, quickly & affordably. Apotheco customers count on us to improve patient compliance to their medications through additional counseling, education, and refill management.

The strong partnerships we have built over time allow us to deliver on these goals every day. We work with many organizations and manufacturers to align on availability, pricing, and ease of use for both patients & providers. For those invested in the dermatological specialty like Apotheco, we believe we are stronger together and with partnership, can provide our shared customers the best experience possible.

We are dedicated to working with your individual organization to design and implement the terms of partnership that helps achieve your offerings full potential. We are proud of the partnerships we have built and look forward to partnering with you.

Partner with Apotheco
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Our Process

As our organization partners with the best in the industry, we have found there is no one size fits all for our partners. We are uniquely positioned to work with you to identify your goals, objectives, and to design terms that work for you. Our understanding of the dermatology specialty and our flexibility will allow us to collaborate with your organization to develop a mutually beneficial partnership.

Once you partner with Apotheco, we will set parameters for measuring success, ongoing account management and follow up to ensure all the needs of your organization are met. We have a team that has many years of experience in developing & successfully managing these partnerships, and we continue to expand our partnerships every year.

Let’s Get Started

Year after year, we continue to introduce our Brand as we expand our footprint nationally with new pharmacy locations. Our ability to grow is due in part to our strong brand recognition in dermatology as a best in class partner for patient access, support and strategic partnerships. We are always looking to strengthen our relationships with those who have the same organizational values.

Our team of experts are ready to speak to you today to pursue success together and improve that way that we serve our mutual customers, and most importantly, patients.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how Apotheco can help your organization.

Partner with Apotheco