How to Stay Positive
and Healthy During a Crisis

Throughout these past couple of weeks there has been a lot of information on how and why it is important to stay healthy during quarantine. With so much information it is hard to determine what one should actually be doing. The first thing to tell yourself is: Do not try to do everything! You do not have to start a blog, change your diet, get in the best shape of your life, become a chef, etc… Doing all of these things will put more unnecessary pressure on you. Instead, do what feels good to you and take the necessary steps to stay healthy.

When it Comes to Social Distancing:

Inquire about telemedicine

  • What is telemedicine? Telemedicine involves the use of electronic communications and software to provide clinical services to patients without an in-person visit. As your doctor about telemedicine for your consults.

Take advantage of technology

  • Facetime, text, call, skype, zoom, and social media platforms are all amazing tools to stay in touch with your friends and family while keeping a safe distance

When it Comes to Your Mental and Physical health:

Get dressed and ready for work

  • Before you start the work day, take a shower and get dressed and ready as if you were going to work. This will allow you to get in the mindset that you are at work and will prepare you for the day ahead.

Eat a balanced diet

  • Be sure to eat three meals a day and add in snacks if you are hungry! Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein to keep yourself healthy and nourished.
  • Listen to your body and its hunger cues instead of snacking out of boredom.
  • A good way to recognize if you are hungry or bored is ask yourself, “Do I want to eat some carrots?” If the answer is no, then you are probably just bored and looking to snack. If the answer is yes, then you are probably hungry and should get something to eat!

Stick to your routine

  • Continue doing your morning routine (shower, skin care, coffee, etc..)
  • Don’t slack off as this can lead to you feeling tired/lousy for the rest of the day.
  • Shut off work at 5 (or when your office hours normally close)
  • Don’t continue to push yourself harder while working at home as this can lead to more stress and will cause you to burn out quickly.
  • Stick to your night routine as well
  • Similar to your morning routine, by sticking with your bedtime routine it will send signals to your body that it is time to sleep to prepare for another work day ahead.

Stay clean

  • A lot of anxiety can build up if you have to leave your house or come into contact with objects from outside. To lessen the anxiety about this be sure to:
    • Wash your hands whenever coming home
    • Clean off packages, groceries, and anything else with sanitizing wipes
    • Be sure to use gloves when coming into contact with outside objects


  • Moving your body for just 30 minutes a day can boost creativity, lower stress levels, raise endorphins, and more!
  • If the weather allows, go on a run or walk around the neighborhood (but be sure to stay 6ft apart from your neighbors!)
  • Try at home workouts like yoga, Pilates, and HIIT
  • There are plenty of free online workouts you can find online and on social media!


  • Try incorporating breathing exercises and meditation into your day
  • These will both calm and strengthen your mind during this time
  • Again you can find these tools online!

To reiterate, do what feels good to you during this time. Do not overthink and compare yourself to others. Just remember to stay clean, stay connected, and stay healthy!


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