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Apotheco Pharmacy Princeton - 10 Forrestal Road South, Suite 102 Princeton, NJ 08540

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Sagar Shah
Sagar Shah

Pharmacist at Princeton, NJ

As a pharmacist in charge at Apotheco Pharmacy Princeton it’s my pleasure to work in collaboration with health care providers to provide the best customer service and quality of care to each of my patients.  My primary goal is to improve patients’ health and outcomes by applying my clinical expertise in these daily communications.


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  • Mark Szafran

    One of the best pharmacies I’ve ever worked with! The reps. are professional and very patient with their customers. My prescriptions came in a timely manner like told, and never had any issues with them!

  • Azree Jasmin

    I was helped by Jesse and he was a pleasure to work with. My local pharmacy wanted to charge me $695 for my prescription and Jesse was able to get my prescription for $15. I made my payment over the phone and received my prescription within 2 days. Thank you Jesse and Apotheco!

  • Lori Mead

    I wish I could use them for all our pharmaceutical needs. They arrived So fast and their employees are so sweet. She looked up every discount she could find to discount. She also called my local pharmacy to get my insurance #. I wish I could clone them for all of the company's I need to get in touch with.

  • Victoria Moreland

    I visited my dermatologist earlier that day and was prescribed two prescripitions for acne. One medication was $0 and the other just $15 . Of course insurance has a big part in this but overall a lot of people say it is cheaper to purchase medicine from here compared to other pharmacies. Also, upon arrival the prescription was filled within minutes. Top notch place👍

  • Over40andFabulous Lele

    I really love this pharmacy. You really get your prescription fast. If there is any problem they resolve it really fast.

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