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Hemin Vaidya
Hemin Vaidya

Pharmacist at Yardley, PA

At Penn Medical, we are always looking for ways to do things better and go the extra mile for our patients.  From getting the medication into the patients’ hands as quickly as possible to finding the most cost effective solution, our goal is to delivery on our promise of a stress free experience.


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  • Cassie M

    This is the best pharmacy I have ever dealt with! The employees were very polite and helpful with finding me an affordable product. I am very pleased with the free same day delivery!

  • Mathew McCabe

    At first I was very suspicious of why my Dermatologist was suggesting I us this service over CVS. I decided to go directly to CVS the cost with my very good prescription plan was $125. I called my Dermatologist asked for the number and called. Not only did they deliver the next day it was free of cost. I cannot thank you enough.

  • K Amenhauser

    They always call before sending order or charging copay, very professional and fast delivery service!

  • kelly Maysonet

    Prompt delivery. Kept in touch about prescription while waiting for approval from insurance company. Staff members were very polite and courteous

  • R

    Easy to refill prescription. Received medicine next business day. Very quick.

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