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Apotheco Pharmacy Morris - 69 New Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054

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Rishi Desai
Rishi Desai

Pharmacist at Parsippany, NJ

As a pharmacist at Morris Apothecary, it’s really rewarding to see the positive difference Apotheco makes in the lives of my patients. Everyday, I am grateful to be in a position of service: Offering our patients the  best possible care, ensuring they receive their medication on time and at a fraction of the cost. I take pride in the work that I do to keep my patients looking and feeling their best.


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  • Beth Newman

    The receptionist is always kind and respectful. They even try calling all of your contacts in attempt to reach you. The medication is delivered quickly and make good efforts is getting you the best deal using coupons and other offers. A great company and experience.

  • Tracy Rucinski

    Prompt service in filling and delivery of our prescriptions. Proactively call to advise of what might be needed soon too!

  • Carla Kephart

    Fabulous customer service!! it’s so nice to have a pharmacy that calls me to remind me to fill a prescription!!

  • Krizia De Vera

    Great pharmacy! Within a few hours of my Dermatologist’s appointment I got a call about my prescribed medications. The phone call was quick and easy, and in 2 business days I received my medications in the mail! Not to mention the coupons they used allowed my medications to come out nearly free - literally only $15 total to have 3 medications delivered to my house. Thank you for super easy and fast service!

  • Michael La Rosa

    They are very helpful and nice! Thank you

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