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Timothy Poole
Timothy Poole

Pharmacist at New York, NY

Being a pharmacist at Apotheco Pharmacy allows me to focus on having a positive impact on patients’ and providers’ lives. Having the support to help patients navigate the healthcare system allows me to ensure they are provided with the highest quality service at the most affordable prices.


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  • Marissa J. Huggins

    One of the best pharmacy’s in NY! I’ve dealt with other pharmacies that always hassle you. This is truly hassle-free! You tell them your name, DOB, and other private info and then you’re all set for your refills or other information. When I call for a refill it takes less than 2 minutes. Did I mention same day delivery to your home?! Better than Amazon Prime! Truly a great pharmacy. Highly recommend to any New Yorker who wants their prescriptions in the true New York Minute

  • Elena Makovskaia

    Great service and quick delivery. I got my prescriptions same day and they were able to get price down to a more reasonable level. They delivered to my apt very promptly, will use again.

  • Christin Kalaskie

    This is seriously the best pharmacy (who'd ever think they'd say that about a pharmacy?). In particular, Jair provided incredible assistance today, but in general their customer service is ALWAYS spot-on. Apotheco always finds the best prices (often even beating Express Scripts) and their same day deliveries can't be beat. Hand down, this place is the greatest.

  • Halie Ellis

    Extremely professional, prompt and great service. They are always willing to help me find the best cost. Apotheco is my go to pharmacy when I’m able to use it and the free delivery option makes my life easier.

  • paul wishner

    Apotheco is my favorite pharmacy. The staff is great and always aim to please. Great service, same day delivery left with my doorman. I wanted to transfer all my prescriptions but unfortunately they only handle dermatological ones. I would like to thank Jennifer for always following up and calling back and being so sweet . I've only had positive experiences with this pharmacy.

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