What is a Dermatology pharmacy?

As a pharmacy that specializes in Dermatology, your prescription is always in stock and always our priority. Our pharmacists are highly specialized in dermatological medications, so when we receive your prescription, we become part of your care team. We will work closely with your Dermatologist and insurance provider to get you the medication you need, as affordably as possible.

As a full serviced pharmacy we are happy to fill all your other medications as well.

“Excellent service and very informed pharmacists who answer all questions about medications and any possible side effects. i have trusted them for years.”

Apotheco Patient, January 2020

This blog is based on research and/or other scientific articles and is written by our experienced Chief Strategy Officer and Pharmacist, Ronak Desai. This blog is fact checked by our educated Pharmacist in Charge, Darshan Patel, who additionally runs our Apotheco Manhattan location.

Here at Apotheco Pharmacy Group, our goal is to provide the most up to date and accurate information on health and dermatology related topics. We do this to ensure our readers can make informed decisions based on factual content. All blogs undergo an extensive review process before posted.

This blog contains trusted sources. All sources are listed at the bottom of this article with hyperlinks that take you directly to the source.

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